Imagine the possibilities

We are CURA Glass. 

We are proud to be the biggest independent wholesaler of flat glass in Europe.

We produce our own laminated glass in-house.

A standard stock of 600 types of glass and 30 types of foil means over 10 million possibilities!

Deliveries from 3 packs

We like to be flexible. So if a full load is too much, we can arrange deliveries from 3 packs!

Please ask your CURA Sales Coordinator about the possibilities.

By land

Floatliner and trailer loads

By sea

20" open top container loads

Photo deleveries from 3 packs

Mixing the best

We are specialized in delivering mixed loads. With over 600 types of glass in stock from suppliers worldwide, you decide the composition of the order. We can even deliver mixed packs if you like!

Laminating specialist

We recently celebrated our 5-years anniversary as a laminating specialist. In those years, we have created thousands of combinations of laminated safety glass. Cases, sheets, bespoke, in all thicknesses, in clear and coloured glass, mirrors, patterns and more. The possibilities are endless!

CURA Glass is your laminating specialist

Sample Service

Perfect cut and polished glass samples in a special designed box, to convince you and your customer of the right choice of glass! We have over 300 different glass samples in stock that can be used to create millions of combinations!

CURA WhiteBox

CURA WhiteBox display designed by CURA Glass

In a beautifully designed box we have gathered 15 types of “white and clear” which clearly show that white is not just white, and how clear can make the difference!

The many variations in white and clear can inspire and convince yourself and your customers of the right type of glass for the right application.


CURA Creator display designed by CURA Glass
The possibilities with laminated glass are endless. To experience this yourself, CURA Glass has created the CURA Creator: a display with 35 polished glass samples to create the laminated combination you want. Start your creative process now!


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Photo Rinke Krikke, Export Coordinator CURA Glass

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